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Create a strong visual impact for your business with beautiful hanging baskets. Filled with natural or high quality silk plants, you could purchase or hire hanging baskets in a wide variety of styles to enhance the look of your business premises.  Whether you run a restaurant, shop, hotel or offices, hanging baskets can add character, charm and colour to your frontage.

•  Window boxes and troughs

•  Planters of all sizes

•  Interior landscaping

•  Silk flowers and plants

•  Christmas and winter displays

•  Table top plant displays

Your business style will be complemented by hanging baskets featuring your choice of colours, plants and containers, from traditional to rustic to contemporary. You can also choose to have something special designed for any season or special event.

Add colour and cheer to your location with stunning hanging baskets. Call

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Other plant displays:

Bespoke designs

Ensure that your hanging baskets always look their best, without ever lifting a finger. Hire hanging baskets and you can enjoy regular, ongoing watering and care from our experts.  Your hanging baskets will be kept in peak condition, and replaced whenever they begin to look past their prime or you wish a change.

Hire hanging baskets for your business