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Enjoy a care-free way to keep your space filled with high quality natural displays with affordable living and silk plant hire.  Flexible plans allow you to choose how long you wish to keep your plants, letting you deck out your premises for a single day event or secure year-round greenery for your employees and visitors.

•  Variety of plants and trees

•  All sizes and styles of containers

•  Hanging baskets and window boxes

•  Optional ongoing care service

•  Automatic irrigation system

Hiring plant displays will save you up front costs, as well as allow you to swap plants with any decor changes. Keep your displays seasonal to add a festive feeling to your space year round.

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Living plant hire:

Why hire plants?

Eliminate the need for watering and feeding your plants by opting for life-like silk plant displays, offering the overall feeling of natural plants with none of the associated care demands. Ideal for adding colour to spaces with no natural light. Whether you choose to hire living or botanically accurate replica plant displays you can be assured of the highest quality.

Realistic silk plant hire

A plant in a large white pot, in between two red chairs and a white sofa A lilac square stool and a pink square stool, between two red silk plants in floor-standing white pots Greenery in two tall silver pots Miniature trees in three tall pots A silk plant in a tall pot, in an office meeting room Greenery in two tall grey pots